How We Work

If you are launching a new product, a new business, or both, chances are you need some customer reviews in order to gain more users. As you probably already know (because here you are on My Review Crew™), new users are much more inclined to trust your company and purchase your product if they can find detailed and relevant consumer reviews online; That's where we come into play!

Here at My Review Crew, we connect you and your product with eager shoppers who understand the importance and impact of a detailed review, and are willing to write you one. Our Review Crew™ members are required to write thorough reviews highlighting the pros and cons of your product. Sound good?! Great! 


  1. You decide which distribution sites you would like to receive up to 5 verified reviews per month on. Please keep in mind, shoppers are not obligated in any way to leave a positive review.
  2. With a simple form, we can set you up as a retailer on My Review Crew™. We will also ask you for a few product images so we represent your product accurately on our site. 
  3. Through access to our Crew of Reviewers, we will deliver new customers and detailed reviews to you each month. We will be offering a limited quantity of your products on our secure website at a discounted price. Any promotional pricing will only be available to our exclusive Review Crew™.
  4. The Review Crew™ will take care of the rest! In order to be part of our Crew, here are our terms:
    1. A subscription charge of $100/month.
    2. The retail cost of each unit sold through the Review Crew™ network. 
  5. My Review Crew™ will list a limited number of your product on the distribution channels of your choice. We will distribute your available units evenly over the course of each month, so you will see continuous new reviews coming in, as opposed to a bunch all at once.
  6. You will receive monthly statements from My Review Crew™ listing your new customers and detailed reviews.

And that's it! If you have more than one product that you'd like to sell through My Review Crew™, that is of course an option! We are here to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at: