About Us

We created My Review Crew™ to address the obstacle new and existing businesses face everyday: acquiring new customers. When a new product hits the market, not only is it difficult to reach new users, but it's even harder to convince customers to make a purchasing decision.

Recent studies show that 88% of online shoppers now incorporate online reviews into their purchasing decision. If a savvy shopper finds an intriguing new product online, but that product doesn't have any detailed customer reviews, the shopper is roughly 68% less likely to believe in that product and therefore much less likely to purchase it. But that's just the beginning!                                                                                                                                                           
Breaking down this category of savvy online shoppers even more comes to find that 40% of consumers form an opinion about a new product by reading just one to three reviews! Furthermore, 44% of online shoppers claim that an online review must be written within one month to even be considered trustworthy and relevant.                       
Savvy online shoppers are in the position to demand more information and transparency from their retailers. As a business owner, this is an important fact to understand for consumer demands will only be growing going forward. But don't worry, this is where My Review Crew™ comes in to help!                                                                                        

We are here to put products at discounted prices into the right consumers hands: Consumers who are eager and willing to share their detailed feedback with the business owners through review channels of their choice. 

By offering potential users significantly discounted prices on new products in exchange for detailed reviews, both the user and the retailer win; The product is now in the hands of a happy new customer who will promote it, and the retailer gains more detailed reviews resulting in higher conversion rates.